Rules and Description of the Award

General Description

1. The purpose of the Grand Canyon Reader Award is:

2. The award is given annually in the following categories:

3. The winning book in each category is determined by the vote of young readers in Arizona.

4. An award is given in each category, including the illustrator for the winning picture book.

5. The awards are presented at the annual AzLA conference.

6. The Grand Canyon Reader Award is sponsored by the Arizona Library Association.

Nomination Requirements

1. To be eligible for nomination, a book must:

2. Titles are submitted for nomination by young readers, their teachers and/or librarians. Each teacher or librarian may submit only 5 titles per school or library.

3. Nominations are due when votes are submitted.

4. The Grand Canyon Reader Award committee representatives consider all titles receiving nominations in each category and verify that they meet the criteria listed.

5. Ten titles (10) are nominated for each category.

Voting Requirements

1. The titles in the appropriate categories are read and voted upon by the state's children during the period from announcement through the voting deadline. Students may read (and vote for) books in more than one category.

2. To become qualified voters, young readers must be exposed to at least five (5) of the nominated books in the Picture book and Non-fiction category by:

3. Public library programs do not preclude young readers participating with their class group at school or in school library programs.

4. Qualified voters are allowed one vote each in that category. Students may vote in more than one category if five books in the Picture or Non-fiction category are read, three in the Intermediate category.

5. A responsible adult in a classroom or library setting must monitor the voting procedure, then only one tally should be submitted for each participating library, classroom, or school.

6. Nominations and vote tallies are due by April 1, 2025 and should be e-mailed to: . Vote tally form that can be e-mailed (word doc).